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Understanding options with urns


At Care Memorial, we strive to make a difficult time easier. Our simple, direct cremation package is $975 which includes a cherry-colored, hardwood urn with name, birth and death years.

Of course, families can choose to upgrade and select a different urn—one more in line with their personal tastes or the wishes of their loved one. While the choices are many, we’ve highlighted the three major categories below:

First, traditional urns vary from classic to contemporary and are made from materials like marble, brass, glass, metal, bronze, wood and more. In addition, many urns can be personalized and can even include a photo!

Second, a keepsake urn is designed to hold a small amount of cremation ashes. This is frequently a choice when families wish to share their loved one’s ashes or when the majority of the ashes are scattered according to the wishes of the deceased.

Finally, an urn vault is required by cemeteries when urn burial is requested. The vault is a lined with materials like copper, stainless steel, plastics, etc. and sealed in a case. It is designed to protect the urn from elements and the weight of the earth.

Care Memorial offers a product display room with samples of these types of urns and many more. We would be happy to help you make a selection that suits your wishes and budget. Please contact us with questions or to set up an appointment.


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