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The National Funeral Directors’ Association listed the average price of a funeral (in 2009) as $6,560. This did not include cemetery, monument/marker costs or cash advance items like flowers and obituaries. With these additional expenses, the cost can easily total $10,000 or more.

When you decide to pre-plan your funeral, you are accepting the inevitable and giving clear direction to your loved ones on your final wishes. This can make a difficult time much easier for them and it can also save you money—locking in today’s prices for an event (hopefully!) many years in the future.

It is said that the average adult will make funeral arrangements for 2.3 people in their lifetime. This will typically be a close family member—usually a parent or spouse. Discussing funeral planning is often a sensitive subject but annually more than 2.5 million Americans pass away and leave their loved ones with this important responsibility.

It is always our goal to make an emotional time easier.

Direct Cremation - $995

Our direct cremation includes removal and care of the remains, all necessary permits, cremation fees, three certified death certificate copies, a wooden urn with name, birth and death dates and our “Complete Care” cremation service.

ID Family Viewing - $95

Family Farewell - $425

Memorial Service – $725

Family & Friends First – $3,695

Evening Visitation First – $4,495

Traditional Funeral First – $5,295

Additional locations and services available. Don’t hesitate to ask.

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