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Complete Care Cremation Package

Complete Care Cremation Package

Our “Complete Care” cremation service begins with your initial contact and ends only when your needs are completely satisfied. The following is ALWAYS INCLUDED in our “Complete Care” Cremation Package:

Available 24/7

  • A Care Memorial Cremation service provider is always available to answers phone calls. When you need assistance, response times are virtually immediate.


“Care” ID and Track

  • A personalized “Care” ID will be placed on the wrist of every deceased before they are transferred to Care Memorial Cremation.


Decedent Preparation

  • The care of your loved one is our top priority. We provide every deceased with a new blanket during the removal that remains with them throughout the cremation process. If a direct cremation is selected, after arriving at our facility, each deceased will be thoroughly washed and then clothed prior to cremation. If a wake is requested, the body will also be embalmed and cosmetized prior to the visitation.


Family Consultation

  • Consultation begins with the initial call and continues throughout the “Complete Care” cremation process. We also know that our clients—the families of the deceased—need time to gather and say goodbye—especially when cremation is the choice for their loved one’s final rest. Whether extra time is needed before the loved one is removed from a home or hospital or again at our location, we are happy to provide the additional flexibility and understanding.


Document Assistance

  • Documents like death certificates (Three certified copies are included.), cremation authorizations and permits are always available for your review. We also collect and publish obituary information online on our website, www.carememorialcremation.com, at no additional cost to you. This includes: pictures, family history as well as any memorial information. In addition, we’re also happy to help you file for any benefits, insurance proceeds and/or estate issues.


Service Options

  • We offer many cremation service options, from direct cremation to public or private viewing and memorials. And if you wish, you may witness the actual cremation.


Final Disposition

  • As part of our cremation service, all cremains will be placed in a hardwood urn prior to return to you. This can be used for display, scattering or burial. Each urn will display the deceased’s name, birth and death years. This is our gift to you and just one more way we are unique from other cremation services.


After “Care”

  • It is our pledge to work with you until all your needs have been met. We will make sure that all available benefits have been secured. We will continue to assist families with burial and scattering options, memorial services (on or off site) and grief support.


This is our “Complete Care” cremation guarantee!