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Remember a Veteran today and every day…


This year, Veteran’s Day is Tuesday, November 11. While every day brings an opportunity to remember our veterans, the holiday is a great reminder of the selfless sacrifice of so many.

We’ve pulled together a list of 15 ideas that can make a real difference in a veteran’s life. We hope everyone takes a moment to show their gratitude.

  1. Attend a Veteran’s Day event.
  2. Ask a Veteran to share a story about their time in the military.
  3. Fly the flag.
  4. Visit a Veteran’s gravesite.
  5. Write and send a letter to someone who’s currently serving in the military.
  6. Call a local VFW hall and ask if you can volunteer for an upcoming event.
  7. Be proud of your country.
  8. Teach a child what it means to be a Veteran.
  9. Say a prayer for those who are bravely serving.
  10. Observe a moment of silence with family and friends.
  11. Read something a Veteran wrote about their experience.
  12. Buy a homeless Veteran a cup of coffee.
  13. Take a moment to reflect on what it means to live in America.
  14. Watch a patriotic movie.
  15. Shake a Veteran’s hand.


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