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Happy Thanksgiving!


As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we think about those empty seats at our annual feast and can’t help but feel sad. Clearly those loved and lost never can be replaced. But, they can be remembered. A family celebration is the perfect opportunity.

Whether the loss occurred in 2014 or 40 years ago, the collective sharing of favorite recipes, stories and other traditions make it a day that naturally brings great joy—and great sadness. Missing faces at the table can NEVER be replaced but they can and should be remembered.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a favorite dish—perhaps even share a secret recipe.
  • Share a favorite story from the holiday season or any time so that new guests or younger children may get to know your loved one in a different way.
  • Display a photo with a lit candle.
  • Watch a favorite movie or play memorable songs.


It is important to remember that our past helps make us who we are. And true peace should come, not from forgetting but by remembering and sharing.  We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love.



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