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Happy birthday, Betty!


Everyone knows Betty White. She’s been a fixture on television for as long as I can remember. When not showing off her perfect comedic timing on a hit television show, she’s known for her tireless charitable work on behalf of animals.

She is truly someone to be admired. And, as she celebrated her 93rd birthday this week, the cast and crew from her latest comedic conquest, “Hot in Cleveland,” surprised her with a flash mob on her way to work.

Clearly, at her age and with her success, there’s probably little that Betty wants or needs. But, her genuine surprise at her birthday “production” was a joy to behold.

It reminded me that sometimes DOING SOMETHING nice is frequently more important AND more memorable than GIVING SOME THING. And, making a memory is priceless.

In our business, we all too often hear stories of memories missed. Here’s to celebrating life each and every day. Just like Betty.

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