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Father’s Day tough for those who’ve lost dads…


Whether he was your first “Prince Charming” or the one who taught you how to catch a ball, adults and children alike are flooded with fond memories of dads. If your father has already passed on, here are some tips to help make Father’s Day more memorable this year.

  • Plan something special. Spend it with your mom or siblings. Take in a ball game, enjoy a barbecue, spend a leisurely day at the lake. The choice is yours but choosing a destination that was important to your father will make the day more meaningful.
  • Visit the cemetery. If you father was a veteran, bring a small American flag. If he was fond of baseball, mark his grave with a ball. Of course, flowers are always a wonderful remembrance too.
  • Tell a story. Make it a point to share a few of your dad’s favorite stories or stories ABOUT your dad with your children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews. Reflecting with them will make you feel closer to a happy time.
  • Look through pictures or scrapbooks. Find a long-forgotten photo, frame it and display it prominently.
  • Make an effort to visit an elderly male relative or friend. Whether they are a dad or not, this is a great day to remember role models and others who have played an important part in your life.

We hope one or more of these suggestions will help make a difficult day easier for you.





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