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$50 AND Free “When Forever Begins” Pre-Planning Guide

At Care Memorial, we are completely committed to serving every family. We are pleased to offer you $50 off any service. Simply check the box, fill out the form below and receive a wallet-sized discount card.

Or, if you would like to learn more about pre-planning, request a complimentary copy of our “When Forever Begins” Pre-Planning Guide. Pre-planning is a matter of taking the time to think about – and record – your end-of-life desires. It’s a thoughtful gesture to those you love, and a way to let go of anxieties about the future. Once done, you can relax, knowing your plans are in the hands of reliable friends or family. This book was created to provide you with important information as well as a place to collect your thoughts and share your wishes with your family. We hope you’ll find it useful. Because it contains vital and confidential information, please be sure to keep it in a safe place.

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