If a death has occurred, please call: 866-912-9822

Cremation Center Serving Chicago, Illinois

Care Memorial was created, is operated and sustained with a complete commitment to service—service to our families, service to our communities. This begins with our initial contact and ends when a family’s needs are completely satisfied.  In today’s overwhelmingly high tech world, we believe a high touch culture will be the differentiator that makes all the difference. With this in mind, we actively encourage families to come in, say good-bye and then witness the cremation.

The business started in April 2010 as an extension of Hann Funeral Home, a full service facility established in 1993 by John Hann Sr. and John Hann Jr. In the past 20 years, the Hann family has proudly served many throughout Chicagoland. Consummate professionals, the father/son duo and their team offer experience within the diverse cultural and religious communities in the area. They take great pride in their dedicated, compassionate and caring staff, spacious facilities and affordable prices.

Care Cremation Center officially opened in November 2012. In addition to cremation, we provide a wide variety of cremation services to the Chicago area, including full-service funerals with cremation and direct cremation with personal identification. We also assist families beyond the cremation process with memorialization, bereavement support, burial plans or scattering plans.

Care Memorial Cremation funeral directors are always available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for phone, in-office or in-home consultation. At no time will a call be answered by a third party answering service and response times are virtually immediate.

The business is proud of its recognition with the Better Business Bureau, CANA and ICCFA.